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Infused olive oil

All our Mix & Blend products are free from artificial flavouring, additives and preservatives and we only use 100% virgin olive oil to produce our products, so we can ensure the best quality for our customers. There is a large selection of olive oils and infused olive oil on the market and some can be very expensive. Here at Mix & Blend we have created 5 combination flavours in our range and more being created, tested and produced in our kitchen.

Mix & Blend have been selling its fabulous flavoured infused olive oil online and at Greenwich Market in Sunny South London, which is a wonderful way to interact with our former and new customers. The part of which I love when at Greenwich Market, is when people are not too sure about the combination, but when they have a taste, their facial expressions are with joy, delight, amazement and that all important Hmmmmmmmm sound effects.

Mix & Blend combination flavour infused olive oil, have also been welcomed by many vegetarians and vegans, for the flavours and towards us for producing products which are suitable for all. We believe everybody should be able to use our products, knowing that they are suitable for all.

Our infused olive oil flavours are:


Chilli & Sicilian Lemon
Chilli & Mint
Sage & Red Onion
Coriander & Red Onion
Sicilian Lemon
We are very proud of our range and we have received great feedback and customers are loving the product….we know this because of the large repeat orders we receive.

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Mix & Blend have been mixing, blending and creating flavours to wow and excite your taste buds, for years.

By sourcing the finest ingredients of olive oils, herbs and spices from around the
world and bring them together, to jazz up your breakfast, lunches and dinners. Oh…
we can’t forget the bar-b-ques.

The Mix & Blend family are very proud and passionate about fine quality ingredients and the natural flavours it uses and seeing how well they work together, but equally where our produces come from.

I take my hat off to Mix & Blend olive oils! Specially the Sicilian Lemon flavour, I really enjoyed! I will definitely recommend to other people to try!

Tania Vicedo

/ London

Simply delicious! I can’t get enough of these oils. My favourite is the Sage & Red Onion, very aromatic and versatile. Love using this oil as a dip or as a drizzle, transforming my simple pasta dish into a flavoursome palate explosion!

Alison Lee

/ London

Mix & Blend offers a really delicious range of flavoured olive oils! I always look to use it with my meals as it is so versatile; my favourite thing to have with it is bread and dried meats. It really does add an extra dimension. Highly recommended!

Gareth James

/ London

I am absolutely hooked on Mix & Blend olive oils! Especially the Sage & Red onion. The aroma and taste liven-up my palette! I’ve used it to sauté meats and dress salads, and can’t wait to explore new ways to incorporate it into my meals. I’ve used half the bottle already… Amazing product, what a great find!!

Lee Turner

/ London

My family now think my Sunday roast are the ‘bees knees’ Lol. I have to admit, they used to be pretty awful. I tried the ‘Mix & Blend Garlic n Red Onion Rub’, which was so easy to use.


/ Manchester

Delicious! The flavours are amazing. These Olive oils are so tasty.


/ Bristol

I own a Tapas restaurant in Central London and I just wanted to say, my customers love the superb flavours in your products. I placed another order and I’m looking forward to my next delivery to try your other products.


/ Business Owner, Central London

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to get in touch!