All our ingredients are free from artificial flavouring, additives and preservatives – THAT’S A VERY BIG NO NO FOR MIX & BLEND, NATURAL INGREDIENTS ONLY.

Mix & Blend travel to food and drink events and farmers markets, tasting and seeing what’s new on the market stalls, what people are getting excited about, and seeing how they will accompany or blend with our products.

Mix & Blend have been blending olive oils for generations. Combining different flavours to create blended olive oils, which excite the taste buds.

We use Greek olive oil, natural flavours a little Mix & Blend magic, to create these fabulous bottles of flavours.

Try our Mix & Blend Coriander ‘n’ Red Onion flavoured olive oil, drizzle over a salad…I promise you’ll love it.

The Mix & Blend family are very proud and passionate about using fine quality ingredients to produce our flavoured oils.

As kids we were spoilt with the different varieties of foods to try. The long summers holidays at grandparent’s houses.

Playing out with my cousins running through fields and picking blackcurrants, blackberries, strawberries, apples, pears, plums and mountains of tomatoes.

Also picking fresh corn on the cobs, all of us sitting down together and enjoying a lovely, healthy organic meals.

The smell of fresh thyme, sage, basil, jasmine, lavender flowing in through the windows during the long warm summer evenings…..Idyllic

Mix & Blend believe in simple family values, like love and care and we place this in every product produced.

Why don’t you have a look at our Mix & Blend Ideas pages, for some great tips and ideas to jazz up your ‘Get Togethers’ with family or with friends.