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So you’re looking for recipe ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or just like to keep it healthy…we have the recipe for you! Each of our mouth-watering recipe will use a fabulous Mix & Blend flavoured oil to bring the dish alive and wow the tastebuds.

If you are throwing a few things together for a few friends who are popping round for a few drinks and nibbles, to cooking a family meal or hosting a dinner party, we got the recipe for you. We aim to update our recipes and give you different recipes to try.

Try a Mix & Blend flavoured oil, these are great to accompany or be part of the added ingredients, part of a salad, grilled vegetables, meat, fish or almost anything else for that matters. They’re also among the simplest exotic kitchen creations imaginable.



Try our Abergine and Chick Pea Curry!

You should try our Mix & Blend Coriander & Red Onion flavoured oil and make the ‘Beef and Pepper Pot Stew’. I promise you will love it.

flavoured oil, meat, beef, hotpot, recipe, mix and blend

How about Mix & Blend Herb & Spice wet rub on lamb racks, believe me you will be picking at the lamb when it comes out of the oven, and before it hits the table.

flavoured oil, meat, lamb, recipe, mix and blend

You could try Mix & Blend Tomato & Lemon Olive Oil and drizzle on a nice piece of Sea Brass, Salmon, Trout to be honest any piece of fish would be a delight.

flavoured oil, salmon, recipe, mix and blend

Give Mix & Blend Chilli & Sicilian Lemon  flavoured oil and make the ‘Sticky Tiger Prawns’ in Ginger, Chilli & Sicilian Lemon.  Serve on a bed of mixed salad leafs and capers. 

flavoured oil, prawn, recipe, mix and blend

Try roasting some veg with Mix & Blend Sage & Red Onion Olive Oil.  Chop some fresh herbs and sprinkle on top before serving.  This is a nice compliment to any main meal or to have on its own.


flavoured oil, vegetarian, veggie, recipe, mushroom, mix and blend

Here’s a great veggie idea, a lovely Aubergine & Chick Pea Curry, great with warm Naan bread.

flavoured oil, aubergine, chickpea, curry, recipe, mix and blend

Marinate some chicken in Mix & Blend Lemon and Ginger Dry Rub, to make a lovely juicy ‘Chicken & Prosciutto with Capers and Cream Cheese filling.


flavoured oil

If you love duck give this recipe a go. Duck and Noodles with Mix & Blend Chinese Spice Rub. You will also need to have Mix & Blend Coriander and Red Onion Olive Oil.

flavoured oil, duck, noodle, recipe, mix and blend


(Competition coming soon…)

Select a recipe from our choice of options and follow the instructions on how to create the recipe yourself.

The only catch, is you have to send a picture of your dish when it is ready with a Mix & Blend product on the table, and a picture of you and your guests enjoying (or not enjoying) your attempt.  See… that’s not so hard.

I’m a big fan of letting people help themselves, less work for the host. 

Cheeky I know.

“I’m actually in the process of doing this for my Mum, who is currently in town.

Being blessed with the sun today, it would be rude not to take advance of the great weather and enjoy the garden.  After all, days like today are very rare in the UK.

I’m also going to put some Mix & Blend salad dressing (Hmmm I’m thinking Gherkin & Mango), plus a jar of Mix & Blend Chilli & Herb jam.”