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A BIG Welcome to the Mix & Blend blog page

Where you will be kept updated with the latest Mix & Blend Olive Oil UK news. We will also be writing about what’s out there in the world of infused olive oil, blended olive oil and flavoured oil. Olive oil UK is really starting to take off in a big way and we will be keeping you up to date with all the latest news.

Plus the best greek olive oil and whether olive oil blend is a sin or a new day…. What do you think???

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Olive oil UK products are usually imported in from European countries i.e. Greece, Italy and Spain, which are the most popular countries for olive oil. As a big lover of olive and olive oil, I have tasted many olives and olive oils, and I’m surprise I don’t look like an olive loool.

For me the best tasting olive oil is from Greece. I have been to Greece many times over the years and I love their cuisine, the freshness of their dishes, which is helped along with that beautiful sunshine.

The olive oil UK is a growing market place which has seen a huge increase over the years, due to consumers change of lifestyle and the want for quality ingredients i.e. organic or homegrown. With all the concerns with the current foods out there, the level of trust some consumers have are dropping, because of the lack of care from brands and manufactures.

One minute you cannot eat beef, then flour, rice, veg, fruit and now the big no, no, is eggs….the world has gone mad. A lot of consumers are turning to farmers markets, health shops and natural produces online stores. I myself have been growing my own veg and herbs, so it was natural that I would produce a product which was 100% natural.


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