Coriander & Red Onion


Ingredients: 94% olive oil, 3% coriander natural extract, 3% red onion natural extract

Allergies: V = Suitable for vegetarians, H = Halal friendly, N = This product may contain a nut trace

Serving Suggestion: Suitable for dipping, cooking and making salad dressings

How to store: Store in a cool place away from direct sun light. **Remember when the temperature drops below 5℃, the oil will become cloudy and will return to normal once the temperature rises.

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Product Description

A blend of Coriander and Red Onion natural flavour extracts and Olive Oil, great in salad dressings!

Salad dressings are a terrific way to brighten up your salads and take it to another level. Why don’t you try adding a few tablespoons of our Coriander and Red Onion olive oil, add a few chopped herbs i.e. basil and thyme.  Then add a sprinkle of crusted black pepper, pinch of crusted chilli flakes. Whisk with a fork and give it a taste (add a pinch of sea salt if required, but I don’t think you will need it).

Alternatively,  try any of our Mix & Blend infused Olive Oil range and your favourite spices or herbs or both, to make your own amazing salad dressings.

Remember dressings are not just for your salads….there are a variety of different ways to use dressings. Whether drizzling warm dressing over your vegetables or thickening with honey or marmalade and making a gaze to rub into a quality piece of meat or fish. Check out our Recipes where you will find great tasting salad dressing ideas, along with other marvellous recipes for meat, poultry, fish and vegetable dishes.

We will add a few salad dressings ideas for you to try and in return we would love to hear feedback from our customers whether ‘Good or Great’….knowing we are on the right path to giving our customers a great taste bud experience.

Find out about the 10 extra virgin olive oil benefits you never knew and gain some useful facts about the benefits of adding olive oil to your regular daily diet.  The Mediterranean’s have been using olive oil in their diets for centuries. Using fresh breads, vegetables, meats, fishes, olive oil and cheeses with every meal…not one preserved or artificial ingredient in sight.

Product is packaged in a glass bottle.

Additional Information

Weight 453 g