Sample – Chilli and Sicilian Lemon



94% Olive Oil, 2% Chilli natural extract, 4% Sicilian Lemon natural extract

V = Suitable for vegetarians, H = Halal friendly, N = This product may contain a nut trace

Serving Suggestion:
Suitable for dipping, cooking and making salad dressings

How to store:
Store in a cool place away from direct sun light. **Remember when the temperature drops below 5℃, the oil will become cloudy and will return to normal once the temperature rises.

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Product Description

An olive oil blend of Chilli and Sicilian lemon natural flavour extracts.

Our Mix & Blend Chilli & Sicilian Lemon olive oil blend is great on all types of seafood, and is a lovely treat when drizzled over salad or vegetables. Here at Mix & Blend we love to blend different natural flavours and tasting whether they work or not. Many times we have tried a few different flavours and got it wrong and at the same time got it right, but luckily you get the tasty blends!

We love to make products which get people talking and ask questions around your table, for all the right reasons and olive oil blend is our specialism. Mix & Blend Olive Oils are versatile and go so well with many different kinds of ingredients, which can open the doors to an array of fabulous dishes. From a simple assortment of different finger foods on the table, so your fingers can be the creator, to stunning main courses to surprise your dinner guests.

Our Chilli and Sicilian Lemon works well as a dip, salad dressing or used in cooking. Check out our Sticky Tiger Prawns in Ginger, Lemon & Chilli recipe. This is great with rice, noodles or on its own with a beer, a glass of white wine and a good movie. If the weather is amazing, it’s a great light summer dish to eat in the garden and enjoy with the loved ones. See our other recipes for more ideas.

For more ideas to cooking some delicious meals, see our Recipes page. What’s also wonderful about these recipes, is you can get the kids involved, get them in the kitchen and helping with the preparation and tasting.

One of our passions is cooking from scratch, from growing; picking; preparing; cooking; tasting to sitting down and eating the dish with family and friends, and we hope our olive oil blends can be part of your meals.

We constantly work on ways to create and improve our oils, and we are fortunate enough to have great customers to help us with new flavour ideas, so watch this space!

Product is packaged in a glass bottle.